20th international conference

Environment and Mineral Processing

and workshop

"Critical raw materials and their recycling for circular economy of EU"


Conference will be held at
VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
Czech Republic
2 - 4 June 2016


The Conference

The Conference will be focused on the new knowledge in the science and technology of mineral processing and protection of environment.


Main Topics

Mineral processing

Processing of low - grade ores
Flotation and flocculation
Hydrometallurgical processes
Solid - liquid separation
Recovery of precious metals such as gold, silver etc.
Beneficiation of industrial and ceramic raw materials
Coal preparation, desulfurization, briquetting and coking
Crushing, milling, sizing and agglomeration
Bulk materials
Decrease of foreign matter in mineral raw material intended for sale


Innovation for less polluting emission processes
Soil contamination
Tailing and waste disposal in chemically stable and environmentally innocuous way
Environmental management
Clean production
Environmental problems of mining and industrial landscape
Land reclamation
Waste and recycling legislation
Sampling and chemical analysis of wastes


Recycling of industrial wastes (metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, of a power plant, after mining and mineral processing activities, food industry)
Recycling of municipal refuse, hospital, agricultural, radioactive wastes
Recycling of spoils and demolition waste
Recycling of car wrecks
Recycling of plastics
Introducing new technologies for electronic processing
Alternative processing of tail wastes with the aim of maximum of recycling and utilization
Business activities in the range of mineral processing and waste recycling

Environmental biotechnology

Mechanical – biological processing for wastes
Disposal of biologically degradable wastes
Biochemical techniques for extraction or purification
Microbial functions for degradation of pollutants
Bioremediation, bioaccumulation
Bioenergy, biomass
Biotechnological applications
Biopolymers and bioplastics




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